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Welcome to
Culver City Animal Hospital.
Serving the community
for 55 years.
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Welcome to Culver City Animal
Hospital. Serving the community
for nearly 60 years!
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Humans get physicals – pets need them, too. Bring in your cat or dog in for a check-up or full work up. Particularly important for puppies & kittens.

Our veterinary staff provides a full range of surgical procedures and provides top notch recovery and follow-up treatment.

Unfortunately, things happen. We are equipped to handle a full-range of urgent care situations for your pets.

Pets sneak out sometimes. We suggest that all pets be microchipped for their own safety.

Our hospital offers the full regimen of vaccination treatment for the prevention of severe illnesses.

Everyone loves a clean pet-friend. But good grooming can help against fleas, ticks, and allergens.

An animal’s good dental health can help maintain their overall health.


For the past 55 years Culver City Animal Hospital has been serving the local community as one of the most respected and trusted veterinary hospitals in the area. Family run since its inception by Dr. Adams in 1965, our hospital became well known for it’s personal service for dogs and cats, offering treatment, wellness, and a full-scope of surgical procedures. The Kidwell Family now runs the hospital after the passing of their father, long-time veterinarian/owner, Dr. Larry Kidwell, a few years ago. Dr. Heidi Hilleary, our lead veterinarian, is now in her 6th year with us. She runs the practice very much as Dr. Kidwell did, offering attentive and dedicated care, giving personalized attention to your cherished pets, and we will always have our long-time and trusted staff of technicians who our clients have grown to trust and love. We proudly serve Culver City and Greater Los Angeles so please reach out, anytime, for any veterinary need.

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